New Photoshop Mix App for iPad

Adobe’s Photoshop Combine with regard to apple ipad tablet gets extensibility, beautiful record help, far more in up-date. Adobe with Thurs released the very first up-date to help its Innovative Cloud-connected Photoshop Combine application with regard to apple ipad tablet, bringing hook varieties into Photoshop Communicate in addition to Dropbox, and a handful of UI changes to the on-the-go graphic croping and editing device. Photoshop Combine edition 1. 1 forms with Adobe’s 06 discharge with a handful of essential functions which link the actual application far more tightly with adult Innovative Selection promotions like Photoshop Communicate.

Source: adobe.com


RC Helicopter & Quadcopter Project

Pilot Mart recently launched a best rc helicopter and drone/quadcopter site built on WordPress and Woothemes. This site is a resource guide and online store for radio controlled small aircraft enthusiasts.  They wanted to specially re-design the front homepage to make the rc helicopter and quadcopter navigation user friendly.  This rc helicopter and drone/quadcopter site can be found at Pilotmart.net.



This image for the best RC Helicopter Page was actually cropped and beveled and used as the main icon link for the list of best rc helicopters on the site.  The RC Helicopter and flight controller gave it a good look as a part of Pilot Mart’s user navigation.

This was the image used for the best drone/quadcopter page in Pilot Mart.  The best quadcopter page lists several popular brands such as DJI, Hubsan, and Walkera so we wanted to sum all of these into one universal icon.


Accounting/Finance Jobs Site Project

GAAP Jobs recently launched some new sections on their accounting & finance job resource site.  There is a search accounting jobs feature and some nice accountant/finance content that is useful for current financial service industry workers and future accounting majors.  The project can be found at GAAPJobs.com




The accountant job description page for GAAPJobs.com needed a basic illustration for the duties and responsibilities for types of accountants. Click for Accountant Job Description page that lists all the essential functions, skills, and requirements to be an accountant.

This image is used in the what do accountants do page on GAAP Job’s accounting & finance resource page.  The image displays the nature of the accountant working at a desk with a calculator. Visit What Does an Accountant Do page to see the full details of what an accountant does daily.

The accountant salary is one the most important accounting resource data that is sought after.  We used a dollar sign for the how much does and accountant make page to represent the financial nature or the work of an accountant since they work with money and numbers.  See How Much Does an Accountant Make page with the graphic at GAAPJobs.com

HospitalJobsInc.com Site Re-Structure Project

Hospital Job Inc is an all-in-one resource for hospital & healthcare jobs.  The site includes salary information for top healthcare careers such as a pharmacist, physician assistant, medical assistant, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, and a big list of U.S. accredited physician assistant schools. In addition, hospitaljobsinc.com also operates a hospital job board for healthcare seeking professionals.




How much does a pharmacist make? is a common question the pharmacy students wonder about when he or she graduates pharmacy school. The pay for a pharmacist is ranked with the highest healthcare positions. Several pharmacy technicians study while working in a pharmacy to move their way into the well deserved pharmacist position.

How much does a registered nurse? make per year can fluctuate depending on the state worked in. California employs the highest number of registered nurses in the U.S. and also is the top paying state for registered nurses (RN). A RN needs be licensed in order to practice as a nurse and certifications such as a BLS may also be required.

The question of how much does a physician assistant make? ranks with the top searched healthcare professions with a high compensations package.  The PA works right under the physician(s) orders and in order to become one, a masters in science in physical assistant studies must be obtained from an accredited physician assistant program.




How much does a medical assistant make? is an important question when considering to become a medical assistant.  The MA is the backbone of a specialty doctor’s office serving as both the clerical worker and the medical assistant of the office.  This is one of the best entry level healthcare professions since it only requires a high school education or some healthcare industries may require a certification in medical assistant of a CMA license.

There are over 150+ accredited physician assistant programs across the entire United States. The physician assistant program is offered by physician assistant schools that have been accredited. One of the best PA Schools is Duke University and this is a physician assistant program the is much sought after for aspiring physician assistant students.

Many healthcare profession seekers have searched the question, how much does a nurse practitioner make? The reason is this hospital & healthcare profession is the highest paid under a physician.  The nurse practitioner or ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Professional) can be broken out into specialty ARNP fields such as the popular nurse anesthetist. A nurse practitioner needs to be licensed to work in the United States with a high level of nursing experience.

Phime.org Vitamin Campaign

The saw palmetto plant is believed to be a key factor for reducing prostate inflammation in men as well as reduces DHT which is linked to hair loss. The berries found in the saw palmetto plant have been used in case studies with men experiencing mild to moderate hair loss and has been shown to improve the thickness of hair. Therefore, saw palmetto for hair loss studies are a breakthrough for men who are experiencing male pattern baldness. Below is an image used to show what a saw palmetto plant looks like in nature.